Be There: A Novel

Why let events out of your control hold you back, when you can grab a surfboard and learn to ride the waves?

When Sydney and her fiancé break up, she has two choices: Stay in San Francisco as a single in the same-old routine, or try the experience of being a virtual nomad and working remotely. Since her ex was never very supportive of her startup or her learning to surf, she decides to go remote for a few months and do both.

In Bali, Sydney attends surf camp, where she learns to face her fear. Ancient temples, wild waves and island life is a dream, until she’s injured.

In Barcelona, she attends a boot camp for female entrepreneurs, which emboldens her. She learns the power of conversation and how to talk your way to success.

In Barbados, it all comes together as Sydney puts her surfing skills to test while raising investor funds for her company. She gets back in the water, joins a group of women waveriders and has fun working hard and playing hard.


What Sydney learns by Being There is success on your own terms is possible, with or without a man. A lot of people don’t let themselves be free. It’s important to know what it feels like to feel free. Freedom cracks everything open, and reveals all the possibilities.

New experiences optimize her work and these adventures break all the fear barriers. Traveling broadly, starting her own business, and extreme sport bring Sydney to the next stage of life in style. In the post-pandemic world, more options are available than ever before. Why not take advantage of them?

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